Installation Profile: Large-Scale Savings

This Focal Point Energy customer site has the largest roof-mounted concentrating solar thermal energy collection system in the Western Hemisphere.  Focal Point's proven proprietary technology provides low-cost steam for commercial, institutional, and industrial applications.

The company's product, the Focal Point Energy Driver™, is installed on the ground, over parking lots, and over buildings.  At this site, a large, multi-functional facility in Dublin, California, the product was situated above the other equipment on the roof in order to provide shade to the building and provide direct access to the existing boiler system.  The Focal Point Energy Driver™ was integrated with the boiler system using the company's standard architecture, including a heat exchanger and interface with boiler controls.

Start: 2013
Location: Dublin, California
Energy Output: Projected 3,400 MMBtu per year for up to 30 years
Results: 40% reduction in boiler system fuel use and emissions

The energy output from the system is expected to meet or exceed 34,000 therms each year, making it eligible for the maximum cash incentive possible, $500,000, under the California Solar Initiative Thermal Program. With incentives, it was projected to have a simple payback of less than 2 years.

In total, the installation is expected to result in a 40 percent reduction of boiler system fuel use, lowering natural gas expenditures and emissions accordingly over the system's approximately 30 year life.