Focal Point Energy Driver™

Built with our patented polymer concentrated solar thermal energy technology, Focal Point’s Energy Driver™ is a new class of distributed steam generator, producing clean, affordable, reliable energy on site for each customer.

How Does the Focal Point Energy Driver™ Work?

During the day, Focal Point’s Energy Driver™ automatically boosts heat production without burning fuel.

Focal Point’s is designed to connect with and support standard boiler systems. When the sun is not shining, the boiler system operates normally.

Where Can We Put an Energy Driver™?

Most commercial, institutional and industrial facilities have more than one possible location. The best sites have a clear view of the open sky. We also usually recommend locating your Energy Driver™ close to a steam system insertion point, such as a boiler room.

Focal Point and its partners provide turnkey installation on a variety of sites, including:
• Ground
• Parking lot
• Roof

What are the Purchasing and Financing Options?

Focal Point offers turnkey solutions in partnership with industry leaders in financing, development, installation and maintenance.

Focal Point Energy offers our customers different purchase options to best meet their individual needs, including:
• Purchase
• Pay-as-you-go
• Service contract

Contact us today at “sales” at “" to learn more about the financing and service options available to our customers.